20 Days of Gold Making: Day 13: YaY BEER!!

This is a post from Nev’s 20 Days of Gold Making Challenge. Be sure to check out the other 20 Days of Gold Making participants.

13. What was your biggest ‘Yay!’ moment?

This is a tough one for a couple reasons… One I haven’t really been doing much if anything for the past 4 month, as far as gold making goes, and two, I really haven’t made any huge sales since I still have yet to really get into flipping extremely high end items (ie. TCG stuff/mounts). Having said that I do have a couple moments that I thought were really great and made me excited to continue doing what I am doing within goldmaking itself, and within the goldmaking community.

First, would be my first big milestone that I set for myself of reaching 500k total liquid gold. While most people are super proud of the first time they hit 1million liquid gold, I feel like this a big accomplishment, at least to me, because a. I haven’t reached 1 mil, though very close and should get there soon enough, and b. it is the halfway point and tells you “Yes, see this whole goldmaking thing is completely possible and if I can get to 500k I can totally get to 1mil.”

The second big ‘Yay’ moment for me was when I started up my blog and got a lot of help and support from throughout the community. While the blog has been off to the side a bit for awhile, I would still get alerts from people talking/wondering about what’s going on with the blog/me, which helped to spur me to get back into this year.

The last thing that stands out in my mind as a big moment for me, was when I started my podcasts, and all the excitement surrounding what I was trying to do with them. While one of those podcasts (The Happy Hour Roundtable) is sort of dead, we are back and gearing up to start putting out more episodes, of Drunken Musings,  this year (already got one episode done) and are very excited to be back.

So, as you can see for me the real biggest ‘YaY’ moment for me is just how awesome and supportive the gold making community can be. If you need for proof just take a look at WowProfitz’ MEGA Gold giveaway, that start at just 30k of his own gold and exploded to 1.2 million in just a few short days, with gold makers from across the globe banding together and donating/supporting our friend the clown.

After all that I will raise my beer, and toast to you guys.

“Our enemies never drink, Our friends always do, so let’s drink this drink and tell the difference between the two.”

-The Drunken Mogul

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