Drunken Musings of Insane Goldmakers #11: Vanna White



We are back after taking a 3 week hiatus, unplanned I will add, but I digress. This week both PhatLewts and I had some cool things happen for us in WoW, some interesting information about garrisons surfaces, some clarifying tweets by @hwoome appear, and the toon boosts to 90 are now LIVE!!! Be sure to listen to what our thoughts are on these subjects, and be sure to chime in on the comments and let us know what you think about these topics, or whether or not you agree with us on the subjects, always good to hear differing opinions. Find the show notes after the jump.

Drunken Musings #11 Show Notes:

  • Intro (Drink of choice)
  • Goldmaking Segment:
    • Our weeks in WoW/Goldmaking
      • PhatLewts: Finally sold TCG Mount, started making MFCs again, Next big goal 4 million in sight.
      • GoblinRaset: finally back up to 900k after profitz called in the donation, made about 60k profit, while still giving away over 60k in gold this past week.
        • Finally got my Shadowmourne!!!!
    • Garrisons
      • will garrison prof buildings act differently if you have the prof?
        • There are definite bonuses for having both the building and the profession. (Muffinus)
      • So whats the deal w/garrisons and alts? Account-wide, or are we asked to micromanage 11 garrisons every day like MoP farms today?
        • This is a key part of our garrisons discussions, def. want to avoid the “log in and farm on 7 toons every day” gameplay. (Muffinus)
    • 90 boosts
    • Professions, aka @Hwoome Update
      • The quality of the products of Tradeskills need to have a direct correlation with how much effort it takes to make them. (hwoome)
      • So, we’re thinking of Tradeskills as a vector for high dedication. (hwoome)
      • We’d like for there to be something to progress towards, even if you don’t have access to high end raiding, (hwoome)
      • (like, not part of a high end raiding guild, may not have the best internet connection, etc.) (hwoome)
      • Something you can achieve as player who may not have access to those things, but who loves to play, and does so regularly. (hwoome)
      • We try to tune things so that high intensity players don’t feel like it’s mandatory, however. How are we doing? (hwoome)
    • TSM Segment
    • Listener Questions
      • cyphor wow @cyphorwow
        • What adjustments are you doing to goldmaking during the pre-xpac lull? Also to maximize profits from 90 boosts?
      • <mckinnon81>
        • have a question. I now know what server my realm is going to be connected with. What should I do to prepare for the merge and stock up on?
      • <wowprofitz>
        • Question: do you think long term the entire profession structure will be simplified including mats?

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