Drunken Musings #5: Birthday Bash

Happy Hour Roundtable

 ****Sorry this episode took awhile to get out, was pretty burned out with school and trying to keep up with the blog and podcast, so here is a blast from the past of last September 13th, 2013****

In this episode PhatLewts and I got together with some friends: WoWProfitz. Stede, and Erogroth, for my birthday bash podcast. We talk about what is going on with the state of the Horde, we proclaim the “virtues” of Noodle Carts, and just bullshit around getting drunk, as usual.

Show Notes:

  • Brand new introduction to the show, provided by Kyran Mountain of The Azeroth Perspective.
  • Some bullshit about what we are doing, non-goldmaking, in the new Patch.
  • Upping the bet
  • Contest actually Closed – You had your chance!!!
  • Erogroth finally gets here, double fisting it.
  • We brag about 5.4 patch day/week sales, of course PhatLewts has to bitch about it. -disclaimer- *Profitz had recently quit wow at the time of this recording*
  • Were you prepared enough for the patch?
    • What would you do different if you could go back?
    • What will you change for next time? (theoretical content patch before expansion)
  • 5.4 Changes
    • How are you liking it?
    • How far/much have you gotten into the new content?
    • Thoughts on how the drop BoA Epic gear will affect markets.
    • Cooldown Analysis: How do you think the new CDs will sell for as crafted.
    • 553 Epic craftables.
  • TSM Tip Section
  • Listener Questions:

    • @CWProthero: do spirit of war apply to engi’s Jard cd?
    • @WoWProfitz: how can one make gold when the world is run by an icky Troll?
    • @WoWMemolly why aren’t noodle carts making lots of monies? Is it going to crash the 300 food market entirely?

  • Drunken Randomness – Enjoy!

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