Drunken Musings #6: Back in Action

Happy Hour Roundtable


We are finally back, after 4 months away. We will be trying to put out a podcast every couple weeks, but for now we are just going with the flow seeing how things progress. In this episode we talk about whats been going on with us, what we are doing in preparation for the next xpac, and we speculate on what the new xpac will mean for gold making.

Show Notes:

  •  Where the hell have we been?
  • Our Bet Update
    • PL wins by default(FUCKING BLIZZ)
  • Give Profitz’ Giveaway The Drunken Musings Bump
    • Holy fuck Profitz is over a million g’s
  • Current Situations in Game
    • Goldmaking, alts, what are you doing moving towards end of expansion.
  • Warlords of Draenor
    • Gear Changes Blue Link (read this) PL Blog Link (if you’re interested)
    • ??Speculate how the gear changes will affect professions??
      • Crafted Gear changes with the new stat system
    • Profession Outlook
      • JC = nerfed, maybe not a lot (due to gear changes/secondary stats)
      • Enchants = nerfed too (I don’t remember how/why)
    • Expectations
      • (none, blizzard is a lying slut)
        • Raset Engineering Rant
    • Additional PvP season.
      • Does this mean new craftable PvP gear??
  • TSM Tip Segment
  • User Questions
    • @NovitshTeaTime: Do you guys think blizz will introduce another method for a gold sink? Like ex the BMAH in the next Expac.Or do you have the feeling the gold sink did work as expected?

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