Drunken Musings of Insane Goldmakers #10: Short and Sweet



This week we got a nice short and sweet podcast for you guys. We changed somethings up a bit with the format of the show, hope it turned out well. We discuss how we have been getting along in WoW goldmaking, discuss 90 boosts, the ups and downs of xmog with the new models, goldmakers finally getting love on twitter from Blizzard, and as always take on some listener questions.

Show Notes for Drunken Musings # 10

  • Intro/What are you drinking?
  • Goldmaking Segment
    • Weeks in WoW – Segment where we discuss our week in WoW
      • Phat: +77k, 100k in expenses. Mat prices up dramatically since the connection.
      • Raset: My new streaming addiction…
        • +52k 150k in expenses. expanding into new markets.
    • Speculation/WoD
    • @Hwoome
      • Q: @Moomin_hero: “@hwoome  Any quality of life changes we can expect for multiple characters? Make daily cooldowns weekly?”
        • A: @hwoome: “I can’t really share in detail, but I think many people will be happy with the new mechanisms for creating gated materials.  :)”
      • “Tradeskills may not be the best place for introductory PvP gear.  Perhaps they should be acquired in another way.”
      • “More seriously, though:  I think profession skill is cooler as something that increases your yield, rather than gate you.”
      • “Personally, I think the mining/herb catch up mechanism worked out the best, and I’m thinking we’ll do more of it.”
      • “Plan is to integrate Tradeskills closely with Garrisons.”
      • “Haha.  :p  No, really.  What people are farming spirits for now?”
  • TSM Segment:
  • Listener Questions
    • Bonesai (Bones)
      • if you miss a day of gold making/wow for any reason, do you miss it – if i can’t get in to repost stuff, collect gold and scan the ah cause of work or other Real Life ™ issues – i get quite tetchy! Can you handle not being in game?
    • Knitten @equus_peduus
      • @PhatLewtsGold @GoblinRaset @THHRPodcast What to do with 3 stacks of Scroll of Wisdom leftover from learning glyphs?
    • Nodestik @tratshsup
      • If you had to pick 1 person/site/stream for new goldmakers(less than 10k) to go to get information on goldmaking, who/what would it be?
        • And also for more intermediate(100k), and advanced(750k+) goldmakers as well.
        • (so three answers)
      • Why has the PhatLewts stopped streaming? Will he do a comeback tour? Has he been kidnapped by the “wind trader” things?


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