Drunken Musings of Insane Goldmakers #8: PhatLewts Pharms


In this episode of The Drunken Musings, we had a special guest Selltacular of Copper to Gold Blog join us on the show. We discussed his and PhatLewts recent goldmaking competition, some new data mined info, and some familiar faces have rejoined the blogging community.

  • Intro
  • Drink of choice for the show
  • PhatLewts/Selltacular Competition Rundown
    • The basics of the competition
      • the winner
        • WowProfitz. ..He’s getting the loot after all (deflection PhatLewts was the clear champion).
    • Talk about the experience
      • How did you start off making investment capital?
      • What different methods did you use once you had the initial gold?
      • Best flip in terms of percentage,  best flip in terms of gold amount.
    • The Denizens of Earthen Ring
    • @WowDotBen: what was the most challenging part of rolling on a server with no history of the market?
    • @WowDotBen; How long did it take you to pick what markets to go into? Or was it based on familiar experience?
    • <hazal1337> What was some of the most riskies “bets” they made buying items?
    • <malkarii> any “facepalm” moments while flipping?
    • <teydam> Did you guys ever consider sniping things from neutral AH for the free gold?—- OMG YES!!!!! But felt it was cheating….LOL
  • Goldmaking Segment -
  • TSM Tip Segment
  • User Questions
    • @Poiekelsatin: What Kind of changes do u think they will make to the Scribe!?! Do u think they will change the inks in anyway!?! What should they add!?!
    • @Hasteur: How do you use Warehousing in TSM and what are it’s greatest benefits?
    • @disneygirl85 Is TSM absolutely necessary to goldmaking or can a newbie like myself get away without it?
    • <malkarii> Any tips for making gold on a very high pop server?
    • <malkarii> Other than TSM (obviously), what are some other “must have” add-ons for gold makers?

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