Drunken Musings of Insane Goldmakers #9: Raset Sleeps….


This week we were joined by the rising star @8bitzs, from Every Last Copper blog/WoDCast. We discuss what he has been up to, as well as discuss some new Warlords information that has been coming out over the twittershpere, and check in to see how PhatLewts has been handling his new server connections.

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  1. Hey guys – i’ve been playing Clash of Clans to help out my kids. Given that Tiller Farm mimics a Facebook game, and Pet Battles mimics Pokemon, could the Garrison mimic resource gathering from a RTS (Warcraft III!!) or Clash Of Clans type games.

    I imagine ore/herbs being fuel for a refining building and gems/ink coming out at a steady rate over time? Actually that sounds like a Minecraft crafting table. Blizz seem to be borrowing form other popular games, so I really think we’ll see a new profession mechanic stolen from another game.


    • GoblinRaset says:

      Hey Bones,

      As I’m not too familiar with some of the games you are talking about, only ones I know are pokemon and warcraft 3, I’m not sure how those games work too much. However it is a fairly common practice in the gaming industry to “steal” mechanics/ideas from other games. So, I would not doubt that this could be what they are doing, but if you are on twitter I highly suggest following @hwoome, since she is being very vocal with a lot of us in the community about what is going on with garrisons and how they relate to professions.

  2. On the subject of under cutting by 100g – I’ve done this on occasion to goad a competitor into buying my stock, of something that I’ve loads of. I’d do it if I’ve noticed someone buying my stuff and recognsing them as a competitor – especially if they are in the ah at the time.

    I’ve moved to the dwarven AH in SW, and posted more stuff after they’ve bought my stock – maybe they’ve tried to reset the market.

    I also thought i was competing with a bot once, so it was like selling gems to a vendor – but at 150g a piece. that didn’t last long.

    But – if you see someone in your market constantly undercutting by 100g – perhaps they are just trying to piss you off enough to leave THEIR market alone :)


    • GoblinRaset says:

      Yeah, those are some valid points, and definitely things to look at for. The reason we didn’t get into them was that it seemed a bit beyond the scope of the question at the time.
      The real lesson to learn, in regards to people undercutting by crazy amounts, is to try and understand why they are doing it. Then using that information make your move accordingly.

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