The Drunken Musings of Insane Goldmakers #7: Noob Edition


In this episode we talk with @Kyran from The Azeroth Perspective, for being the winner of our intro contest, what we are doing with our boosted 90′s, how we are adapting to the new Garrison news, and what PhatLewts is doing to beat @Selltaculars ass in their competion for WowProfitz’ Mega Twitch Follower Giveaway.

Drunken Musings of Insane Gold Makers, Take 7

  1. Intro
  2. Contest Winner Kyran Mountain
    1. Azeroth Perspective
    2. @tapcast
  3. Talk with Kyran
    1. Why you decided to enter the contest
    2. what you do, podcast etc
    3. any gold making experience
    4. new gold making segment on TAP
  4. Gold Making Segment
    1. Boost 90s, pre-WoD
      1. Short description: They’re getting added before WoD, also going to be a strong possibility to be able to purchase them come WoD.
      2. Why we are/aren’t boosting them ASAP
      3. Potential for markets
        1. Glyphs/Item Enhancements/PvP gear
      4. Professions Leveling
        1. @Mumper: Speaking of boosts, we are still working out the plan for professions/secondary skills. More info soon.
      5. Garrisons
        1. Random Guy: @mumper Any thoughts of making the gathering profs available to all? Or should we expect same system as now?
          1. @Mumper: @cgjthoma The garrison will allow you to gather without the profession. All comes down to what you want to build on your plots.
        2. @PhatLewtsGold:.@mumper will zone determine what buildings you can build, or just aesthetics?
          1. ‏@Mumper: @PhatLewtsGold Just aesthetics.
        3. On making it easier for alts to “level a garrison”
          1. @Mumper: We will be selective on that, will implement where it matters most.  (maybe blueprints, or followers for example)
        4. @Mumper: @cgjthoma Your garrison blacksmith should be able to smelt for you.
        5. Portals in Garrisons.
        6. Gold not a restriction for maxing out Garrisons, also prices will most likely dramatically change during beta
      6. Phat taunting Selltacular about competition realm/Profitz bump
        1. Strategies going into the stretch.
  5. TSM Tip Segment
    1. Phat: TSM_Additions: Adding custom text to sale notifications and Shift + click buying in bulk (say 200 of something that stacks in 20’s)
    2. Raset: Creating your own custom price sources.
    3. Kyran: How to Install TSM!! (Yeah Noob Tip!)
  6. User Questions
    1. <saliira> Do we think netherweave bags will be bought in Warlords, or should we just focus on embersilk and up (for instance)
    2. <deveyus> What percentage of your money do you keep liquid?
  7. Sign off toast
    1. Here’s to those who wish us well, As for the rest, they can go to hell.

Also, be sure to check me out on my new goldmaking segmet of The Azeroth Perspective every week.

The Drunken Mogul

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