World Gold-Making Invitational 2014


**EDIT** We are no longer also holding the competition on EU servers due to lack of participants. **EDIT**

So what had happened was, Killerdamage and I were chatting with WowProfitz on his livestream, and Killerdamage made a remark about getting me to come play on his server with him. Now with my hectic life as it is I really don’t have much spare time to actually play the game as it is supposed to be played, so I stick mostly to the AH game. Anyways, I told him that if I came over there all I would do was play the AH, then of course he counters with “Good luck, I control most of the AH”. Which of course, them are fightin’ words, to a gold-maker, so we ended up talking about a challenge. Of course since we were on a livestream others expressed some interest in joining in on the fun, so we discussed it and decided to open up the contest to anyone who wanted to test there mettle against us. The rules are simple, and can be found below.

  • The Contest will take place on Mannoroth – Horde (US), Burning Blade – Alliance (EU)
  • You are allowed to only use one character
  • No sending over BoA’s or pets for help getting going

The contest will last 1 month, to give people that are limited on the amount of time able to play a fighting chance. It will begin April 22, and end on May 22.

There will be 2 winners, one for the person that collects the most total gold, and one that earns the most gold per time played. If this turns out to be the same person that came in second for total gold collected will be declared a winner alongside the other person.

The prizes: The winners will split the gold 50/50, or they can forego the gold for something from the blizz store ($25 value). In the case that the gold is not split the gold that was collected from this competition will be split between Killerdamage and I, and The00Shinn for EU, for giveaways on our livestreams!!!

If you wish to enter all you need to do is email me @, with your toon name, class/race chosen, and let me know the best way to contact you (ie. twitter, twitch, email, etc).

The Drunken Mogul


  1. Interesting idea. I must admit I’m interested. Even if its just having the opportunity to humiliate you guys. :) Question: You stated only 1 toon on the server. Does that mean we all start with one level 1 toon or does that mean we can transfer one level 90 toon to compete against? I just want to be sure I’ve got it right.

  2. Lordsenna says:

    It’s Lordsenna, I’m down like china town.

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